Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Drew's trophies

Like they do every year at the end of the season, The X-Men received a trophy at Sluggers Little League on Sunday. My friend caught a picture of Drew admiring his. 

Sunday evening, I went in his room to find him laying on the floor, surrounded by past years' trophies and holding his new one, inspecting it appreciatively. 

He really loves it. So much that today he stole all the trophies off Blake's dresser and put them on his own. 
I told him he couldn't steal Blake's trophies. He said, "But I need more trophies, Mama.  You buy me some more, ok?"  Haha. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Blake Funny

Yesterday after our final Sluggers baseball game, we went to Behm's Landing to eat. A boat that had overturned was being towed in. Behm's has big windows, so we watched the action from our table. I pointed it out to Blake, who was sitting next to me. He took one look at it and asked, "Is it a whale?!" Lol. I guess I can see where he got that. Here's a couple pics: