Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Today has been kind of gloomy. I decided to make a cake. Since Blake loves to help me cook, I let him sit on the counter. I told him we were making a cake, and he started singing, "Happy Birthday to Mommy, happy birthday to yoooooouu!" lol. Little sweetie. I scraped the bowl with a spatula and offered him a taste. He said, "No! No!" so I decided to eat it myself. Blake looked at me eating it and started gagging! He was so grossed out by it. I have never seen him do that before. My nephew with Fragile X gags easily when something is yucky to him. This is a first for Blake, though.


the other lion said...

I used to work with a preschooler who had a very sensitive gag reflex. He threw up on me a couple times when we tried to play with shaving cream. So even though I expose my son to different textures, I never force it. I am always afraid he's going to lose it! My son and my cousin both throw up small amounts if you press on their stomachs wrong. I wonder how many times kids with FX or other disabilities get sent home from school for things like that. If only they could say, "You're just grossing me out." said...

I know. My nephew gags whenever he sees someone curling their hair. When I went over there one night, I had put my hair in curlers, so it was really curly. He saw me and said, "Hi Kristie. I like your hair." and immediately started gagging. Poor kid!

Anonymous said...

My son has had a strong gag reflex since day one. He had had a trach for 9 months, as a baby (Pierre Robin Syndrome). We always blamed that, until we found out he had FX at age 7. He is 15, and has improved, but still gags at certain things he doesn't like (especially mashed potatoes!).