Friday, June 22, 2007

Early Morning Musings

Sleep deprivation makes me cuckoo. I stayed up late reading last night, and Drew got me up at 5am. I hate when I get up so early that regular programming hasn't yet begun on television. So, my infomercial options are: Yoga Booty Ballet, Carlton Sheets-How to Buy a House With Bad Credit, or worst of all, the Sleep Number Bed. The commercial is making me want to buy it! Those people look so well rested. Or, maybe I should just buy some Bare Minerals makeup to cover the bags under my eyes. Drew is watching a DVD I made of Drake and Josh episodes. I'm waiting for our morning seizure. I talked to the doctor's office, and the nurse said we have to wait another week to make sure this Topamax really, really isn't working. I think she makes stuff up as she goes. I am babysitting my niece and nephew who have fragile x, and a friend's son today. So, that should bring some adventures. Why isn't my coffee kicking in yet? Maybe I just need Ray Reynolds Plan for Success, so I can get rich and afford a nanny to get up before the sun.


Anonymous said...

I was up at 3 this morning so I totally know what you mean!! i thought the bare minerals looked pretty good

Good luck with the day :)

the other lion said...

I'm Punkin's Oma.
I had the Bare Minerals make-over last week and it is maaaarvaluous,
Anyway--I read your blog daily and agree that punkin and Blake do look alike. said...

I am seriously considering the Bare Minerals makeup. Maybe next time I am up early (tomorrow probably) I'll have to order some.

Leanne said...

I'm totally with ya on the lack of sleep. J is totally oblivious to the fact that most people like to be asleep at 4 am.

I couldn't make it without Tivo - there's always something to watch whatever hour it is- of course he usually demands to watch 'Cars' for the millionth time. *sigh*