Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Look at This Boo Boo Face!

So, we just survived a 30 minute meltdown. I couldn't figure out the cause of it. He kept saying, "I go potty!" So, I took him to the bathroom, where he cried and said, "I go to bed!" So, I brought him to bed, where he said, "I watch Shark Tale!" Over, and over and over. I was trying to make pancakes when this all began. Finally, I gave up on the pancakes and tried to entice Drew with letting him play on I turned on my computer and his. And all was well. He said, "Mommy's on the computer, huh?" So, I am left to wonder if this was all about me not getting on the computer first thing. When we get up, I usually sit down and check my email right away. He did keep asking me what I was doing while I was making pancakes. Arrgggh! So frustrating!


Anonymous said...

Aaahhh. My son with FX does that too. We are just never allowed to change up the routine :)

the other lion said...

How dare you make him warm fluffy pancakes instead of checking your e-mail! So rude. =)

Kristiem10 said...

lol! I know! When it was all said and done, he wouldn't touch the pancakes, either. Maybe that was the problem. Who knows?