Tuesday, June 19, 2007

OCD, much?

Yesterday, I was organizing some of the toyboxes, and I put all the blocks into one basket. Blake has been enjoying this "new" toy. Amazing how a little reorganization can lead to a discovery of new things to do! Anyway, his favorite thing to do with these blocks is to find all the red ones, and line them up. What fun!


Anonymous said...

It's awesome when kids can take an ordinary item and make a toy out of it. Mat uses the basked as a race track. He puts the cars in there and then swirls the basket around.

I found it interesting that he separated all the red ones. My FX son doesn't understand color and we wonder if he is color blind or just doesn't separate it in his brain.

the other lion said...

Every time I look at Drew I see my son. It is wild. I don't know if it's the blonde hair or the fair skin or what. On the subject of separating the blocks, though, I have to side with Drew. When I was his age I was sorting all of the Lucky Charms marshmallows before I ate them. Even though they were my favorite, and I was dying to eat them, I would take the time to make piles of horseshoes, rainbows, and moons. The world makes much more sense when put into proper order. =)