Friday, September 14, 2007

A Nice Cuppa

Not coffee this time. Just a cozy cup of hot chocolate. Tomorrow is our community garage sale day, and we decided to get rid of some stuff. We (I) have been sorting through maternity clothes, newborn gowns that make my heart ache, teeny baby shoes, and all kinds of toys. We ran out of places to put things, so now at 10:30pm, Eric is at my brother-in-law's house borrowing some tables. I am the appointed garage sale lady. Eric is on kid-duty. He is taking the kids with him to run errands. That should be fun. lol. It is chilly in the garage. Here,look for yourself:

Doesn't it look chilly in there? It's currently 54 degrees. And tomorrow when the garage sale opens, it will be 43 degrees. Yuck. I'm going to have to bring a big thermos of coffee out there.

Anyway, that's my randomness for the night. Now I am off to take a warm shower and jump into my nice bed.


the other lion said...

I wanna come! And I think I might have to get some hot chocolate now. This chilly weather came out of nowhere. Hope you make lots of cash!