Wednesday, October 10, 2007

When things get quiet..

The other night I was making supper. Blake was in the toyroom, and I wasn't sure where Drew was, and I realized it had been awhile since I checked on him. I found him in my bathroom, playing in the water. He has been really into washing his hands. Over and over and over. That evening, he thought it would be a good idea to wash his hair. I snuck up on him and saw what he was doing. Of course, I ran for my camera. When I got back to take the picture, some soap had gotten in his eyes. So, I ran him to the bathtub and rinsed his hair. He was crying the whole time, and rubbing his poor eyes. Made me feel a little guilty that I went for the camera. This is him, after his bath:

Two morals to this story. First, if your kid is quiet too long, they are definitely getting into something. Second, bring your camera right away when you go to investigate.


Peggy said...

Yes, bring the camera when investigating. Sweet pictures, even the "cried-out" eyes.

Anonymous said...

Great tips :)