Thursday, January 24, 2008

Games people play

I was reading Maddy's blog about her desire for her sons with autism to play games. I am the same way. I guess I just want them enjoy something that is a universal kid thing. A game. We have a big stack of them. I buy new ones in hopes that this game will catch their interest. A couple months ago, I got Candy Land all set up. In my most excited and enticing voice, I said, "Boys, come here. We're going to play a ga-ame. It'll be so fun!" Blake came over to see what I was talking about. Drew said, "No game. I can't want a game. Sorry." I said, "Come on, just try it. Games are fun!" I pretty much had to drag him to the table. Not a good start. He said, "No game" and flipped the board over, scattering pieces and cards all over. Me being the emotional train wreck that I am, burst into tears over it. Eric, who doesn't like games that well himself, said, "It's not that big of a deal" I put the game away without trying again. A week or so later was the last day of school before Christmas. He got a gift from his teacher. Guess what it was? The board game Sequence for Kids. Excited, I thought it a good idea to try again. This time, I set the game up on the floor. I called Drew over (Blake was already "helping" me) He sat down and took a turn. Then it was our turn. Blake and I took a turn and I told Drew it was his turn. "No game. I'm all done" said he, as he threw all his chips and ran off. Arrrggghh! So frustrating. I have been regularly bringing out this game, as it is simple, and has the most potential for success. We have modified the rules to suit our family are are able to get a few minutes of play time out of him. Blake loves Sequence for Kids and could play for twenty minutes without stopping. Success? Maybe a bit.


Anonymous said...

They will eventually like games, at least your modified versions of them. But, yeah for Blakey already! Kyle is a great example--he loves them now, but didn't always. I feel your frustration and your desire for them, Sissy. Love you! Kelly

the other lion said...

I was the one standing on my head singing a song, waiting for someone to tell me when it was my turn again. My sister even paid me!I do know what you mean, though. I desperately want to work on certain activities with Punkin and he just doesn't care!

Maddy said...

20 minutes looks pretty darned impressive to me dearie. We're still on the 3 - 5 minutes [with a fair wind behind us] unless it's Bingo which they will play for longer but they get sooooo frustrated that I need industrial ear-plugs!

Kristiem10 said...

Yeah, twenty minutes is great, but that's Blake! With Drew, we're talking two to five minutes. Blake's four and Drew is seven. Of course, Blake has led the way for Drew to do other things as well.