Friday, January 4, 2008

Goodbye Mrs. Maxwell

Today was Mrs. Maxwell's last day at the Nicholas School. She is the classroom aide in Drew's kindergarten room. Drew picked up her catch-phrase "Woo-Hoo!" He says it a lot. Drew just loves her. And I think she likes him pretty much, too. I was sad to find out that she was leaving the Nicholas School. Drew asks for her every morning before he goes to school. He says, "See Maxwell today?" We talked about how she won't be coming back to school next week. His notebook said he spent a lot of time with her today. I was glad for that. Tonight I showed Eric the picture they sent home of Drew doing "Woo-Hoo" with Mrs. Maxwell today. Drew said, "I love you....Maxwell" Poor kid. He is really going to miss her.


Anonymous said...

It makes me so sad for Drew.

Anonymous said...

I hope things went well today for Drew and the rest of the class, I'm really going to miss him bunches, he has a sneaky little way of wrapping himself around your heart! We'll stay in touch I promise. Woo hoo!!!

Love ya,
Mrs. Maxwell