Friday, February 15, 2008

A crazy night

Last night we had a parent-teacher conference at Blake's school. On the way, Eric complained that his side hurt. We walked around the school while we were waiting for our conference, and he said it seemed to help. We had our conference which went well. Every time we meet, I go home feeling blessed that Blake has such great people working with him.

Anyway, we went to Eric's parents' house and my mother-in-law fed us. We went home and got the boys to bed. Eric said his side was hurting again. I went to bed. Shortly after that, Eric came to bed and then got right back up. He said it hurt too much to lay down. He tried all kinds of things to get comfortable, but was just in too much pain. I asked him a couple times if I needed to take him to the emergency room, and of course, he said no. After a few hours of this, around 1am, he changed his mind.

I called my mom, who came right over. Right before we left, Eric said he didn't feel too bad anymore, and maybe we should stay home. I was against that idea, thinking it was just male bravado. We got to the hospital, and he said he literally felt fine. We went in anyway, and they checked him out and took a urine sample. After 2.5 hours (not too bad for the ER) we were dismissed. Diagnosis? Kidney stone that he probably passed at home before we left for the hospital.

Anyway, he went to work this morning. He has a maintenence he has to get ready for today, or he'd probably have stayed home. I told him he should come home at noon and go to bed. My poor mom has a full schedule today and I know she didn't sleep while she was here. And I am counting down the hours until naptime.


Annabelle said...

I'm glad he was able to pass it!

Umma said...

I'm glad the conference went well and that it was "only" a kidney stone? :-)

Michelle said...

Glad the P/T Conference went well - that's great Blake has some wonderful teachers etc working with him!

Sorry to hear about the kidney stone :( At least he was able to pass it and feels better now!

Anonymous said...

I would have made him go to the ER too. Who knows what it could have been. Glad it was minor :)