Thursday, February 21, 2008


Every morning before school, Drew is eager to wait outside for Mrs. H, his aide and driver. This morning was no different. I helped him get his gloves on, and out we went.

I did my daily job:

Starting this baby up and scraping the windows for Eric. Fun! At least Drew thinks so. He asked if he could help.

Too bad he was holding the scraper backwards and only brushing the frost. lol. Anyway, we were waiting, and I was thinking how it felt extra cold, and my fingers were little numb stumps. Drew's nose was bright red. I suggested we go back in to wait for Mrs. H. Of course he didn't want to. "I wait here for sure, Mom." Not sure where this "for sure" business is coming from, but he says it whenever he really wants to do something. Like, "I go to Grandma's house for sure, Mom!"

Anyway, Mrs. H came, and Drew was off to school. I came back in the house, and my glasses fogged up. I checked the outside temperature and it is FOUR degrees out. No wonder the frost was so hard to remove from the windshield today. Off to warm up with a cup of coffee.


Anonymous said...

4 degrees!! that is not fun at all. Enjoy your coffee :)