Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I hate days like this.

Monday night onto Tuesday, Drew woke up, throwing up. I kept him home from school yesterday, and he seemed ok. He didn't ask for any food until 11am and took a long nap in the afternoon. He seemed ok in the evening and this morning, so I sent him to school. I am hoping he is doing okay.

Blake has a bad cold. His head is congested and he has a stuffy nose. This morning, he has been grumpy and destructive. He wants to be held and I do hold him, but then he wants to get down. As soon as he gets down, he knocks something over or throws things. Instead of running around in his Pull Up like he usually wants to do, he brought me clothes he wanted to wear, down to an undershirt and socks. And he had rosy cheeks. So, thinking he might be feeling cold and getting fever, I checked his temp. Normal. He asked about school a few times, and asked to get his shoes on. I debated about sending him to school since he seems to want to go, but ended up calling him in sick.

I hate when I have to debate about what to do. Keeping him home was probably the right decision. There is no school tomorrow due to parent teacher conferences, and Monday was cancelled due to fog, so he'll have only gone once this week.


Maddy said...

Hoping those days become fewer.
Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

the other lion said...

I hate those days, too. I also hate when he's crabby at school because of a cold,, but not really sick enough to stay home. And since I don't get paid when he has to stay home sick, I always want to be really sure. I wish they could tell us!!!