Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Memories from the fragile x trenches (part 2)

In 2005, we took Drew to see Dr. Berry-Kravis at Rush University in Chicago. We had two separate visits. With the first one, Eric and I took him. The second time, my mom came with us. She was participating in a study for carrier females over the age of 50 and their relationship with FXTAS or something. (it was at this time that we learned that she wasn't the carrier as we had all thought) Drew was thrilled to have his grandma with us.

It was May, and the weather was nice. We decided to go for a walk, and found a park near our hotel. Since we had spent the past five hours or so in the car, we thought we'd let Drew relax and play. He had huge gravitational insecurity issues at the time. Meaning, if his feet got off of solid ground, he'd freak out and think he was falling. So, ever the overprotective mother, I followed him around on the playground. And, ever the sentimental mother, I brought my camera. There he goes on the scary swinging bridge. Something most parents wouldn't think twice about made me a little nervous. I thought the side rails left way too big of gaps. Didn't they realize how unsafe this was?! Irrational, yes? He made it, and didn't fall through the open spaces.
He hand-flapped a lot, and I had someone stop me and ask if he was autistic. I remember feeling pretty conspicuous, especially since he was having a great time, and was sqwawking loudly. And I noticed other kids looking at him curiously. And how he was oblivious to it all. But then, he did something that was just like other boys might do. He found a stick. And he started digging with it.
I took so many pictures that my camera battery went dead. He had so much fun at that park. That fact alone is more important than my being so darn excited that he had done a normal "boy" thing. Funny how perspective changes over time.


GABRIELA said...

hi, my name is gabriela. i´m from argentina.
i found your blog casually.
and i wanted to give you a commentary.
you´re a wonderful mother.
i wish hapiness for you and your beautiful kids.
kisses from argentina.
sorry, my english is not good.