Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy Couple of Days

Tuesday, Blake had to go to the ENT. His regular doctor has often mentioned that Blake has a lot of wax. The last time we went to the doctor, he couldn't see his eardrums because there was so much. He had to get his ears cleaned out, but the doctor didn't want to do it himself. He referred us to an ENT. Back to Tuesday- they planned on using the suction tool to remove the wax, but it terrified Blake, and he jerked his head and got cut. So the doctor switched to using a wire loop. I was placed in charge of holding Blake down. I had to wrap my arms around his arms and my legs around his legs. The nurse held his head. It was awful. It took forever and he had gobs of wax in there. The doctor said he probably hadn't been hearing clearly for a long time. I noticed that day that he was looking around at things in wonderment, like he was hearing things for the first time. Made me feel bad that we hadn't pressed the issue sooner.

Last night, a teacher at Blake's school came over. She is doing a project for college, and wanted to use Drew as a subject. Megan visited us last summer for a project she was doing and called us again earlier in the week. She came over last night, and she interviewed me. She wants to visit Drew at school and watch him do his therapy and will be coming back next Saturday to observe him.

Today is my niece Danielle's birthday. She is going on a field trip to an air and space museum with her class. They are going to lunch at McDonalds. My sister is a chaperone, and called ahead to Mickey D's to order a birthday cake for her. Danielle is going to be so surprised!


The Other Lion said...

my pediatrician --and even ,my adult doctor -- always cleaned my ears out with that high pressure water thingy. so gross and messy at the time, but sooo nice afterwards. they can't do that for punkin cause of his tubes. the doctor is usually too afraid to even use the wire hook. but i'm like, "do it!!!"