Monday, April 7, 2008

Sometimes I improvise

So I know that brown rice is supposed to be good for you, but I don't particularly love it. It is better than whole wheat pasta, but still, not a fave.

So, the other day, Blake was extremely bored. He was getting into things left and right. We played a couple games of Sequence for Kids and that was good for awhile, but he was soon looking for something to tear up. I considered making play dough for him, but that takes a little more time than I had at that moment. So, I decided to dump some rice into a tub. Magic. And a good excuse to get rid of that brown rice that's been in my cupboard for a long while. It entertained him for a good half hour, though he was mad that I wouldn't let him take the tub into the toyroom.


Umma said...

Oh man! I wish I'd thought of this on Sunday. Monkey desperately needed something to hold his attention and nothing was working. We actually have a tub of colored pasta that he would have happily sat down and played with.

D'oh! You're quicker on your feet than I am I guess!

Jen said...

Good thinking. That also probably counts for recycling :)