Thursday, June 5, 2008

Randomness for the day

So, I am surprisingly chipper for one who has been awake since 4 am. I wanted to roll over and zonk out, but some little mister (Blake)kept getting out of bed. He'd say, "Wake up, Mommy!" all bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Eric even got up to put him back to bed twice. After about an hour and a half of this, Drew heard him and woke up, too. I surrendered and got their breakfast.

My good mood may have something to do with my plans for the day. I am meeting my friend Roxanne for lunch today. My sweet mother in law is watching my boys. She said she is not even worried about Drew having a seizure. She just asked me what she should do in case one occurs. She is the best.

Speaking of seizures, Drew went all day yesterday without having a seizure! Woo hoo!

Blake was extremely sweet yesterday. Eric and Drew had haircuts last night, so Blake and I ran to the store in town to pick up some Pull Ups. He asked to ride in the cart, which is the exact opposite of what he normally does. He usually resists, and runs wild while I dodge around picking up things as quick as I can. Anyway, he was saying hello to everyone he saw. It was funny. The checkout lady asked him if the Pull Ups were for him. He held up the package and said, "See? Cars!" because that is what is on the front of the pants.

Eric and I watched the first part of the Top Chef finale. I was so mad! Antonia totally got robbed. I totally wanted Lisa and her bad attitude to go. I guess I think it should be called "Nicest Chef". lol. Stephanie is still in it, so I am happy.

I have bunko tonight, so that should be fun, too!

Have a nice day!


Tonya said...

I've got to see what this Bunko is all about. I've heard about it but have no idea what it is!

Anonymous said...

WTG on the seizures.

and boy do I know about surrendering to the sleepless child...yuck :(