Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Changing Roles

As most of my readers know, Grandpa V. is the "donut man". The last couple weeks, Grandpa had to work on Saturday, so Grandma V. took over the role of donut man.

This morning, I took the boys to a bakery in Versailles called The Sweet Shop. It is soo good. They make a delicious cream bread, that Drew calls "circle toast". And they have the best fried rolls I have ever had. When my mom was a girl, she would walk there for lunch from school to have a fried roll.

I know the lady who was working thought I was crazy for taking pictures, but I didn't care. I wanted to share this special place with my readers.

They keep their donuts in the front window. I am sure it is a ploy that intices many people into their bakery. Not that it's necessary, because they are very well-known.

So, we got our circle bread and headed toward home. We stopped at my sister's house to bring her a donut, but she had already left for work. So, we left some for the kids and my cousin Annie, who is their babysitter for the summer.

Next, we went to Grandma and Grandpa V.'s house. They were at work, but we had fun delivering donuts and putting them on the doorknob like they do for us. Grandma should be home any time and will find the surprise. So, we got to be the donut man today.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised and it was a fun treat. I did get rolls from the Sweet Shop for lunch every day during my Junior and Senior years. They are great. I'm going to put them back when I leave for work so Grandpa V can enjoy the surprise also. Grandma V

Umma said...

Fun! That looks like a nifty bakery, I really love the shops that have such history!

Mark said...