Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm a blog slacker today

I started to make a post several different times today, but got interrupted or didn't have any inspiration for what to write about.

I have a cold and have been feeling pretty crummy for the past couple days. The boys and I took a long nap today, so I am probably in for a long night of awake boys.

Eric is in Canada on his fishing trip this week. He will be gone until Saturday night. We normally have a party at our house during Liberty Days, over the fourth of July. We have a parade that goes past our house. So, I am hosting the party without him. It is going to be a pared down version of our usual event. Eric usually grills out burgers, brats and hot dogs. This year it will be shredded beef sandwiches.

Drew has asked where his daddy is ten thousand times. He misses him. He tells me he wants to go to Canada fishing with Daddy. Poor kid. It'll be a few more years before that can happen.


Anonymous said...

I'm in for a long night awake with Matty. So I'm with you. Heres to hoping we both can get a few winks tonight :(