Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shopping with the birthday boy

Earlier in the week, my sister Kelly was visiting, and she asked Drew what he wanted for his birthday, which is on Monday. He said, "Toys" So she asked what kind of toys he wanted, and he didn't have an answer. She asked him if he'd like to go shopping with her so he could pick out his own, and he seemed excited about the prospect.

So, last night, Kelly Drew and I went to Dayton to go birthday shopping. He was excited about going in Kelly's van, and asked if we were going to the mall. Going to Dayton usually means going to the mall, and more specifically, going on the elevator. I said I didn't know if we were going to the mall. But when Uncle Tony heard he wanted to go on the elevator, he said, "If he wants the elevator, then the elevator he should have!" So it was decided. A trip to the mall was added to the agenda.

Drew said, "Kelly, go on the elevator? Go, go, go DING?" (must be said with index finger pointing in the air)
Going into the mallHe loves going on the elevator, but last night he started getting anxiety about it. He cried and wrung his hands. So we walked around a little until he was ready to do it. When the elevator started, he let out a scream.
After the mall, we went to eat at TGI Fridays. Drew got his favorite, mac n cheese. After that, we went to Target, where he pushed the cart, and picked a Blue's Clues toy, a ball, and Bee Movie.

But really, the elevator ride was the highlight of the night.


The Other Lion said...

what a sweet boy and a sweet aunt and uncle! isn't it funny how the things they love make them so anxious? david loves dogs, but he is simultaneously terrified of them.

Umma said...

Sounds like a great time! Monkey is also a big fan of elevators, he vibrates with excitement when we are waiting for the doors to open to get inside.

I hope Drew has a very happy birthday!