Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm back

It seemed as though I fell off the face of the blogosphere--for a couple people, anyway. :) I had a couple people ask when I was going to update my blog.

So, Friday and Saturday we had a garage sale. Eric schmoozed up the customers, and we made a decent amount. It rained for most of Friday, but we actually sold the most stuff on Friday. Then Saturday was a little nicer, and we sold the rest of our junk. At least most of the rest of it.

Saturday afternoon, we went to a suprise birthday party for my grandma's 80th birthday. They did surprise her, though I probably missed it by 15 minutes or so.

My mom with my grandma, the birthday girl

Grandma riding on the swing on her birthday

My cousins: Keri (FX carrier), Robbie (FX) and Gail (FX carrier)

Me and Keri

My uncle Rich(FX carrier) and his wife Betty

They almost had the right idea.

Cole and Caden, my cousin Natalie's boys

Grandma opening her gift from me and Eric. It was a stained glass suncatcher

My grandma and step-grandpa Don

Eric arrived late, so he was wishing Grandma a Happy Birthday

Blake had a blast playing with my cousin Gail's husband Jason. Jason was a good sport, because, I think Blake hit him a few times, and wiped his drool on Jason's leg

blowing out the candles

My grandma is the furthest back in our family to be tested for Fragile X. She is a carrier, and we know that three of her four children are carriers of it. One has not been tested. Some of Grandma's sisters and brothers were at her party and there are carriers among them as well. So that was interesting to me. And I was talking with my grandma about how many people there were at her party. She was shocked at the number of people there. She said, "And to think, it all started with me" Not referring specifically to the fragile x, but of the family who was there. She is the oldest of her siblings as well, so it really did start with her. She doesn't seem like she's eighty, that's for sure.


Jen said...

Love the see-saw picture..too cute!
How interesting--seeing all the carriers. I wish I knew more about my family. It hasn't shown up anywhere else (that we know of, though I do have my suspicions), and only ONE of my brothers has been tested (just recently, after I sent an e-mail about the FX associated tremor--he's neg.). My dad's sibling and families aren't very close, for no particular reason, they just aren't, but nothing has ever been said about FX in the little contact we do have with them. My mom's siblings didn't do a lot of reproducing, but I do have one cousin that I wish would get tested.

Jen said...

oops, I meant to say "dad's siblings"---he has more than 1!

Anonymous said...

What a fun party! :) She does not even look 80!! Lucky woman!!