Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not so quiet reading

I was reading my book, and as always, Drew wanted to join me. He has claimed an old book of mine, which he has dubbed "the orange book". I was curled up on the love seat with my favorite down throw and reading happily. Drew went in search of his orange book. I reminded him we have to be quiet when we read. He brought the book to me to help him find page 23, as I always have to, and he got situated with his monkey blanket on the couch opposite where I was sitting. This is how our quiet reading went:

Drew: Mommy, are we reading?
Me: Yes, but we have to be quiet, ok?
Drew: I'll zip my lips (making a zipping and tossing away the key motion)
Me: (laughing) Nice. Let's read.
Drew: (talking in a low voice) I'll be very quiet. Look! I have my book, you have your book, I have my blanket, you have your blanket...
Me: Yep, now let's read.
Drew: I am reading. Are you reading?
Me: I'm trying.

lol. He cracks me up how much he wants to imitate me. Of course, the "quiet" part is a little harder to imitate.


Anonymous said...

He is so cute :)

Jodie said...

That is so sweet! To bad you couldnt really read though! BTW Sorry about the lipstick - It took a while to figure out what the picture was! Good thing you love those boys!

Holly's Mom said...

he is so adorable, I loved the story about him reading with momma