Friday, November 7, 2008

Drew's school picture wardrobe fiasco

Eric and I thought we had everything all planned out. When we had Drew's parent teacher conference, we stopped at JcPenney and got a shirt for him for his schol picture. He wasn't with us, but we just got him a size 10. Looked good. Well, fast forward to today. School picture day. First of all, we got up later than normal. He woke up at 5:30 to go to the bathroom. He wanted to get up for the day, but I told him to go back to bed. Usually that lasts five or ten minutes and he comes back to ask again. Well, this time, we all fell asleep until 7:05. I had to give Drew a bath, and get him dressed. I did that, with the exception of his shirt that I needed to iron. I got his breakfast and ironed his shirt. Then slid his shirt over his head. The sleeves went way over his hands and the shirt went past his butt. What a bummer. We had bought him some long sleeved screen printed tees over the weekend, but they all had words on them and I didn't want that on his picture. So, I got out his favorite sweater, the one he wore last Christmas. Thankfully it still fit him. And he was happy to wear it. So, I guess that is what he's wearing. Now if we can just get him to smile for the picture, we'd be all set.


Anonymous said...

lol...i do that with matty all the time

The Other Lion said...

Typical! The one time you're prepared. =) That always happens to me.