Monday, November 3, 2008


It is Monday morning. I have a cold and a head buzz from the cold medicine I took. I belatedly dicovered that I took nighttime cold medicine, so I took a No Doz to stay awake. Now my brain feels fuzzy and jittery at the same time. And I have to cook today by myself. We are having chicken nuggets and broccoli and cheese sauce. The nuggets shouldn't be too bad, just baked in the convection oven. The broccoli makes me nervous. I feel a little pressure from the other cook to make it with a little "bite" to it, and not to overcook it. She is all for quality assurance for the kiddies. I appreciate that, but I am wondering if I am capable of it. I have a tendency to get frazzled, and in my current doped up state, I am not sure I can accomplish al dente perfection that is hoped for. Ugh. Oh well. They will be fed, whether it is green mush (hopefully not!) or yummy, perfect broccoli.

Eric called in sick to work. I am jealous that he can stay in bed all day. Not that he doesn't need it--he is sick, too. I'd doubt I could sleep in my current state, anyway. But still, no pressure would be nice. I am putting undue stress on myself, I believe. I about lost it on pizza day. I think they wondered if I'd show up today. When I get home, I may just crash in bed myself, and make Eric collect the kids and distribute snacks.

*edited to say it went okay. No big issues, they all were fed, no mush for broccoli, etc. I took a nap when I got home and Eric took care of snacks and homework.


Anonymous said...

Good luck at work today. I hope you have a mushless day!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this sickness is making it's rounds. Mark

Umma said...

I'm glad it went well.

That No Doze is some nasty stuff! It affects me way more than any amount of coffee does. I was kicked out of class during a test in college b/c I'd taken No Doze and could not sit still to save my life. Heh.