Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So helpful

Blake always gets excited when I cook, and wants to help me. Yesterday I was getting ready to make burgers, and I got out some of my new Pampered Chef Smoky BBQ Rub. I went in the other room for a minute, and this is what I came back to:

You better believe I scooped that up and put it back in the bottle with a funnel. Blake watched from the timeout chair. I wasn't extremely mad, but I needed him to stay away while I cleaned up before he decided to "help" with that, too!


Anonymous said...

that's one of those moments when us moms are trying to keep a straight face while secretly giggling inside :)

Umma said...

Ah, naw! As Monkey would say. We get a lot of "help" in the kitchen too that often ends up looking just like that :-)

the other lion said...

"Uh OH!" I keep telling him that it's not "uh-oh" when it's on PURPOSE. =) I would have put it back in the jar, too! That stuff is good.

Kristiem10 said...

I swear Blake and Punkin are two peas in a pod. He always says "Uh oh!" when he does things on purpose. This time I believe it was more of a curiosity thing, but he'll knock stuff off my counter on purpose and say, "Uh oh!" or "Oops!" Sure, kid, oops.