Thursday, January 22, 2009

I must be nuts.

My boys' great-grandma gave them a five dollar gift card to McDonalds. I thought I'd be a nice mom and take them there this afternoon as a treat. I asked Drew when he got home if he had a green card. He did, so I asked if he'd like to go to McDonalds. Of course he said yes. I told him we'd have to wait until Blake got home, and he seemed ok with that. He tromped around in the slush in the driveway. When Blake got home, we left for McD's.

The plan was to go to the drive-thru, as this is the easiest way of doing things. Drew asked if we could go in, and after thinking about it for a second, I said yes. (cue music of doom) Unbeknownst to me, they are beginning a construction project at our McDonalds. Drew didn't seem to like that they were doing construction, because the straws and napkins were in the wrong spot. I assured him it was ok, and went up to place the order. There was not another customer in the entire restaurant at the time, so when Drew ran around, I let him. Blake kept picking up their gift cards from the little holder and trying to scan them. Oops, I forgot. There was an elderly gentleman waiting for his to-go cup of coffee. Believe me, I was thanking God when the guy didn't trip over Blake when he dodged in front of him forty eleven times.

We got our food, and I corralled the kids into a booth. I divided up the nuggets and fries I got them and munched on the chocolate chip cookie I got for myself. Drew asked if he could throw away a napkin. I knew this was a ploy to get up and move around, but I told him he could if he came right back. Which of course, he didn't. And Blake, who had been licking a pile of salt off the table, saw this as his opportunity to make a break for it. Off he went. He got under a table in the corner of the restaurant, and wouldn't get out. I pulled him out and returned him to the booth. By this time, a man was sitting in the booth behind us and watched it unfold like a slapstick comedy. I explained to Drew that he should sit in his seat so his brother stayed put, but Drew said, "I'm not sitting there. I'm finished." So, as inconspicuously as I could, I hissed that he would be getting in the booth or he'd have a timeout. He reluctantly complied.

We were finishing up oour snack and I told Drew he could throw the trash away if he wanted. He did, and then he stood holding the door open. I called to him to close the door. Of course, he didn't obey. So I got up to bring him back to our booth so I could gather our stuff up before leaving. Drew dodged out the door and headed for the van, which was, luckily close by and not across the parking lot. Torn, I wasn't sure which kid to go for first. I saw that Drew was on a mission and not as likely to go out into the parking lot, so I went after Blake. I got him and our stuff gathered up, and he ran ahead of me. When we got to the van, he picked up some greyish snow, and threw it at me. "Catch!" he said.

Blake got into the van and pulled Drew's hair. Drew started crying and saying he had to go potty. Urgh. I told him that he needed to wait until we got home. Blake got out of his seat belt and stood up in the van. I had to pull the van over to buckle him back up. All the while, Drew was wailing that he had to go to the bathroom, and he wanted to watch Rosie and Jim on TV. I considered ripping my hair out, but we got home in the nick of time before I acted on it.

I put Blake in timeout and brought Drew to the bathroom, where he told me, "I don't have to go potty."

So much for treats.


Jodie said...

Sounds like a really fun time with the kids! Dont you hate when you decide that "things will be okay, I can handle this on my own." then wham!! I guess we should have went with plan 1. I hope things are better now you are home.

Holly's Mom said...

I am sure if you were reading this on someone else's blog you would see the comedy in it. Smile! its a new day :-)

Holly's Mom said...

You have been given the Honest Scrap Award. Check out the details @ Holly Daze.