Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The child is a whirlwind.

Blake created this setup himself. For what purpose? Oh, just for fun. Then he took turns sitting in each chair. Then he took them all down and leaned them nicely against the wall.
Here he is busily arranging his basket, blanket and couch pillow so he can sit in the basket while covered with the blanket and rest his head on the pillow next to it.
Here he used said basket and turned it over, forming a step. From there, he climbed onto the counter to get a bowl for himself. Presumably to hold the potato that he threw in the microwave on his own.And when you let him play in the water at the sink, he will get forty-eleven dishtowels and cloths out and submerge them in the big bowl. Of course you can't forget to stir them up with a pink spatula.This is when Blake decides he wants a butter bread. He gets all the necessary ingredients. If I don't dash over to help, he'll either chop up the bread with the butter knife, or remove 3/4 of the butter from the tub and spread it on the bread with his fingers. And really, who doesn't want to stand at full height on the back of the couch and try to open the window?


the other lion said...

so funny. punkin loves his butter, too.

Holly's Mom said...

So cute! What fun he is having!

Anonymous said...

wow he is a whirlwind