Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor Woody!

Yesterday, Blake had an explosive poop, so I cleaned him up and put him in the bath. I went into the toyroom to make sure there was no poop where he had been sitting. When I got into the room, I smelled something hot, like something was melting. We have electric heat, and the first thing I thought of was something against the heater. So, I pulled the sofa out, and what did I find? Woody with his hand in the heater, a big grin stuck on his face.
I pulled Woody away from the heater, and his melty fingers stretched out several inches. I, of course, snapped a picture for my blog before beginning the amputation surgery.

After it was complete, I got Blake out of the tub and said, "Blake, Woody had a bad accident. He hurt his hand." Blake gasped, "Oh no! Woody!" I showed him Woody's hand and Blake said, "Aww, Woody." And put Woody's malformed hand in his mouth. He sucked on it a second and pulled it back out. He compared the two hands to see if his sucking on the injured hand had helped.
He sighed and tossed Woody to the floor. First I was worried he wouldn't play with Woody, but then I remembered that this was his typical treatment to Woody.

I told my sister about it, and she said, "Poor Woody. He got a bad house." lol.


Anonymous said...

poor woody :(

Jodie said...

Woody has had a hard time at your house!

Kristiem10 said...

lol, that's what Kelly says.

E said...

Lol. My son cut open his Woody doll and filled it with bunny droppings. Blake's isn't so unlucky compared to that.