Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can't change the plans!

So on Tuesday night, we got a call from our dance instructors. Their basement dance studio was flooded, so they canceled class for the evening. Eric's sister was planning on watching the kids for us. Well, Drew has been talking about going to Aunt 'Net's house for several days, and we knew he'd be disappointed if we didn't take them. Eric called to make sure it was still okay if we came for a visit. We headed over. On the way, I was talking to the kids and told them that Jesus loves them. Drew said, "Jesus loves Annette?" I assured him he did. We talked about all the people who love Jesus, or whom Jesus loves. When we got near Annette's house, Drew said, "Jesus loves Annette's house." lol.

Here are some pics from the visit:

This is my niece, Jessica, holding Ginger, the object of my children's fascination and fear.

Blake, checking out the new toys
Drew was like, "What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy here?"

Blake was none too gentle with Ginger. And every time she barked, Drew would say, "We go home later?!" But they both had fun, and we practiced dancing with Annette and Ed.


Mark said...

Good picture of Jessica!

Chris said...

Pictures of The Dancing??? You needed to bring your camcorder so we could have seen a video of the dance practice.

fragilemom said...

Ian loves dogs, but he 'tortures' them with his high pitches. I hope one day he will learn to maintain control and we can get another dog. Jim says, "no", but ya never know!

Shoeaddict said...

Jesus loves Annette's house- that is funny stuff!