Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drewy Blue

Sometimes I feel like I post a lot more about Blake than I do about Drew. It's just that Blake gets into so many things! Anyway, I thought I'd make a special post about Drew. Drew is such a sweetie.

To know him is to love him, really.

This is not to say he doesn't have his challenges. He has major difficulty with transitions. Especially in and out of the car. Though honestly, that is getting better. He has such a wonderful aide. We love her to bits and pieces. She talks to him most of the way home about getting out of the car and how she knows he can do it.

Drew loves rituals. Every morning, we have the same routine. He gets up, I make his breakfast, and we go through our same conversation every day. He wants me to sit down at the computer with my breakfast, and he wants my television on, whether I want it on or not. Then he says, "I've got my breakfast!" to which he expects me to reply, "I have my breakfast" and then he'll say, "I have my TV" and he wants me to say, "I have my TV" back to him. And on it goes. That is, until it is time to "Iron...a shirt...for Dad-dy!" which is what he says every day. And then he'll demand, "Do it, Mommy!" and I'll have to say, "Iron...a shirt...for Dad-dy!" in the exact tone and timbre he used. And if I don't get it just right, he'll say, "No,iron...a shirt...for Dad-dy!" and I'll repeat it until I get it right. Sometimes I'll just say, "I already did say it. I am not doing it again." But that really bums him out. Next he says, "I'm going to see what Daddy's doing up to." and runs into the bedroom to wake his dad. And they have their whole list of rituals. Every day, he screeches and squawks at the couch.

He likes to do things like lay on the floor by the laundry room when I have the washer and dryer running. He loves when I go "Hmm", which is me putting my chest against his chest and humming. Little sensory seeker. Except orally. Definitely not orally. He hates his mouth being touched, and is quite selective about what he puts in it.

He is sweet to his brother (usually) and he tries to get Blake in on his rituals as well. Anyway, there you have him: My Drewy-boy.


the other lion said...

Awww! He's a good big brother.