Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday afternoon, I picked Blake up from the sitter. Then we went to the video store. I got four DVDs for the kids: Son of the Mask, Madagascar 2, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Kung Fu Panda. Son of the Mask was the hands-down winner. It has been viewed no less than ten times since Friday. Probably more. And we get to keep it until Wednesday. It is Drew's favorite, though Blake doesn't mind watching it. He liked Thomas the best, I think, though he hasn't requested to watch it again.

He is a holdout for Phineas and Ferb. I'd like to get that on DVD. It isn't on television often enough for him. He watches it on Youtube in ten minute segments. But, I can get almost anything done during those ten minutes, because he doesn't move when it's on. He thinks he's Perry and wears a ball cap while watching it. He will also growl like Perry when he doesn't like what he's been told to do or to not do.

Just so you know, it takes one and a half Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to remove pen marks from three walls.


Jen said...

Aren't those Magic Erasers great?! I haven't had the opportunity to use them to remove pen from the wall...yet...

Punkin's Oma said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I have two walls that Punkin has decorated.