Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Star of the Week

Drew is Star of the Week at school. Tomorrow, we have to send in a letter telling his class how special he is to us, and tell some things about Drew. This is what I wrote:

Drew is a very special boy and an important member of our family. He has a five year old brother named Blake. They like to play outside together.

Every week, Drew goes to visit his aunt, Annette. He likes her dog named Ginger. There is a special race car Drew likes to play with at Aunt Annette's house.

Every Sunday, he goes to his grandma and grandpa V.'s house. He likes to go in the front door. And Grandma usually takes him someplace in her red car. He especially likes when she takes him to McDonalds.

Drew is a funny guy who can make us all laugh. He is fun to be around. He gives us kisses when he wants something.

He is kind to his brother and always makes sure Blake has a snack and milk after school. He likes to wait for Blake's bus to bring him home.

We love Drew and are glad he is a part of our family.


Jodie said...

How sweet! What a cute letter! Did he make it home last night without an accident? I am sure glad they were able to stop by! Hopefully next time you and blake can be with them.

Kristiem10 said...

Jodie: he did fine. Just went as soon as he got home. Let's get together soon.

fragilemom said...

Great letter!