Thursday, April 16, 2009

Transition IEP

We had Blake's transition IEP today. You know, the big one, where he goes from being a preschooler to being a kindergartner? That one. We met the team at 2:30 this afternoon. We got out at 4:00. Not too long, for us, that is.

The meeting went well. By the way, do you know how many adults it takes to get one child into Kindergarten? Seventeen. Yes, SEVENTEEN!

Anyway, next year, Blake will be going to Kindergarten all day every day. He will spend part of the day in the resource room two of the days. He will have a full-time personal aide. They are working out the transportation issue, but they said not to worry.

Our district is building a brand new school, and it is not expected to be finished until the first of August. The principal said that as soon as it is complete, we have free reign over the building. He said we should bring Blake and show him around as often as we want, so he gets used to his surroundings. He even suggested we show him the way from his classroom to all the places he'll need to go.

We think the principal is AWESOME. And, he was recently given the superintendent position. We are excited for him, of course, we'll miss him in his current position.

We took pictures of all the therapists and his teacher for next year. We're going to make a book with everyone in it, so they are a little bit familiar to him.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad the meeting went well. The boys are growing up too fast!

the other lion said...

I am so glad it went well. That is a lot of people. One more year for us! YIKES.

Anonymous said...

Great! So far so good.

Kristiem10 said...

Barb! Hi! Email me sometime.