Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anniversary Getaway

Friday afternoon, I dropped the boys off at my mom and dad's house, and as soon as Eric got home from work, we left for Cincinnati.

We got to our hotel around 7:30pm. We checked in, dropped our stuff off, and left again. We went to Belterra Casino in Indiana.

We first went to the Ultimate Buffet. Let's just say it was not the Ultimate it claimed to be. It was fine, just not wonderful.
We were happy, anyway. After dinner, we went to the casino. We hit the slot machines for awhile, no big wins or anything. Eric played Black Jack. After a couple hours at Belterra, we left and headed back to the hotel, down a hundred bucks (that includes the cost of dinner)

Saturday morning, we got up early and had breakfast at the hotel. Then we went to the mall for awhile and I tried on some running shoes. I think I know what ones I am going to get, but I'll probably just order them online. After the mall, we went downtown to Taste of Cincinnati, a food and music festival. We were mostly interested in the food. :) Hot Pockets was sponsoring Cornhole for Hunger. You played, and for every beanbag you got in the hole, they donated one meal. Eric and I played against each other. I beat Eric. As the worker said, "I smoked him".

After Taste of Cincinnati, we went to Ikea:

We wandered around for awhile and picked up a few things for the house. We ended up getting a new light for over our kitchen table, and new track lighting for the toyroom.

That evening, we went to Montgomery Inn.
It is a restaurant on the Ohio River. We had reservations, and were seated in a small table next to a wait station. We asked if we could have the next table over. They said we could, but then this guy came up to us and asked, "Are you the Meyer party?" We told him we were and he said, "I have a better table for you. Follow me." We followed him to a cozy round booth that faced the river. Very nice. We're thinking the front desk employee at our hotel told them it was our anniversary. She made our reservations for us, and knew we were celebrating ten years. The food was wonderful. I had the best prime rib I've ever had! Yum.

After that, we went to Coney Island Pavilion. They had a big band swing dance. It was a Memorial Day celebration. Cincinnati WarBirds were the band. It was fun!

Sunday, we did a little more shopping and headed home. It was so nice to have time just being a couple and reconnecting.


the other lion said...

So happy for you!! Congratulations!

Holly's Mom said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time together!

Umma said...

That sounds like a fantastic weekend!