Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A trend I don't like

On Sunday, I took Drew with me to the grocery. I stopped to get gas before going in. Drew wanted to listen to Wiggle Bay, his favorite song. So I left it playing for him while I got gas. When I was done pumping gas, I went to get in the van. It was locked. Drew was giggling and looking at me with his arms crossed over his chest. I told him several times to unlock the door, and he just looked at me and grinned. After a couple minutes of me standing outside the door, and him watching me get mad, he came and unlocked it. He was scolded and put in timeout. Lesson learned? I had hoped so, but in vain.

Today, I was trying to get him to come outside to play. He was dressed, but stubbornly refused to come out. Blake and I went out on the driveway with a ball. I came back after about two minutes to see if I could get him to come out. Lo and behold, he locked me out again. Believe me, I was not (and am not) a happy camper. Luckily, we have a keyless entry to the garage, so I was able to get in that way. He is in timeout at the moment right now.

Aaaaggghhhh! I think I'm going to have to hook a keychain to my beltloop. Nice.


Anonymous said...

As un-fun as that is...that is some great problem solving skills there. He just needs to know how to use it appropriately :( .

Being locked out of somewhere is one of my huge carrier anxieties. I would have freaked out and probably not handled it as well as you had.