Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chicago trip--Friday

You better grab some popcorn, this is going to be long. I made and appointment in January with Rush University Fragile X clinic when Drew was having a lot of behavior difficulties in school. But they couldn't get us in for six months. Well, the six months are up, and we had our appointment yesterday.

We left on Friday at noon, with the portable DVD players all set up. We got about an hour away and stopped for lunch. We thought maybe the boys would take naps in the afternoon. Ha! ha ha. Drew was pretty interested in whatever movie they were watching at the time, but Blake had a really hard time sitting still. And he was not exactly happy that we were using his seat belt lock. So, what does one do when they'd like to make a protest? Remove their clothes, of course. Eric threatened to "pull this car over" many times, but it never actually happened. But, safety first, you know. Blake figured if he was going to be subjected to seatbelt torture, Woody was going to be safe, too:
We eventually made it to Chicago, and Drew was enthralled with the trains, traffic and LOVED the Chicago Skyway Bridge.

We checked in to the hotel and walked to the park that was around the corner from it. We talked to two different dads who were there with their kids. One of them made some suggestions for where we should eat supper.

Blake talked with Eric in this thing:The funny thing was that the funnels were not near each other, so Blake couldn't see Eric. And he thought he was talking to his uncle Chris. He kept saying, "Chris? What are you doing?" and "Are you crazy?" (something they say to each other) After they said goodbye, Eric came over and asked if Blake had talked to Uncle Chris. And, Blake affirmed that he had. lol.

So then we went for a walk a little further to Little Italy for dinner. We ate at a place called Hawkeye's Bar and Grill. It was good. We had a table by the front windows and there were lots of people walking past, so this was entertaining for the boys. Here was Drew pretending to take our orders:

After supper, we decided to walk back to the hotel. We thought we'd take a different route. Apparently, it was the longer route. Not that it was bad, but Blake started getting tired and wanting to be carried.

We went back to our room and were in bed by 8:30 Chicago time, 9:30 Ohio time. We wanted the boys to be well rested for their appointment on Saturday, and there is no way of getting them to sleep until we were all alseep. I'll post about Saturday's events tomorrow.


Jana Nickle said...

I just wanted to say, I love reading your blog. I noticed on this post two things we really have in common other than kids with FX. My son Avery, has that exact same shirt your Drew has on. The orange "Im a keeper" one. And the other thing I noticed is your Blake likes Woody!! Oh boy, do we LOVE Woody. Hes been an obsession since Avery was little. In fact this was the first actual toy he got into. So we have had everything "Woody" over the years. I also saw today that "the other lion" has a kiddo that likes Woody too. Im beginning to wonder if its a FX thing???? Just kidding. Probably just coincidence. But I love it that our guys love Woody.

Anonymous said...

I have to giggle. Your issue is keeping kids' clothes on but our is having them take them off. If Matty could just toss a shirt on top of the dirty one he

Anonymous said...

It was funny how Blake kep calling Eric Uncle Chris

Chris said...

Hey Blake , it was good talking to you on the Funnel Phone! ! ! !


Uncle Chris