Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Last night was trick or treat in Fort Loramie. The weather was beautiful! Perfect for trick or treating, really. The boys were firemen. Ironically, a firetruck parked right in front of our neighbor's house to give out candy last night, so I thought it would be fun to get the boys' picture taken in front of it. Drew would not go out there, though, so I took Blake over anyway. He was way more interested in checking out the truck than getting his picture taken.

Blake helping himself to some candy from our own bowl before heading out. Don't you love the effect the reflective tape has? That was Paul, our neighbor giving out candy. He is always our first stop of the night. Drew and Daddy walking down the street:
And one with Blake and Mommy: Of course, that darn firetruck still had his attention. lol.

We stopped by Drew's aide's house. He wouldn't come up to the door, and she went down by her tree to give him his treat. I forgot to snap a picture. We also stopped by Blake's aide's house. See his love eyes for her?

Soon after that, they got a little tired of it. We were on a mission, though. We were headed to Grandma and Grandpa V's house. Blake just decided to take a seat at my cousin Margie's house.
Then they were really, really done. Blake just laid himself down on someone's driveway, and Drew went into someone's yard and pouted.

We hightailed it to Grandma and Grandpa's house after that. WE even had to turn down a house that called out to us to come over. They were just too far away to get the boys to cooperate.


Jennifer said...

Hope the boys enjoyed their candy.
-Jennifer and Jessica

Mark said...

I Bight tape in the uniform, really seems to let you know where the Kids are at, GREAT COSTUMES!

the other lion said...

I love it! Punkin would have loved that truck, too. I bet you heard about it all night.