Monday, January 11, 2010

Glad it's Monday

because Saturday evening, I started feeling terrible. Eric had gone to the grocery and the boys and I had eaten supper without him. When he got home, I helped him put some of the groceries away, then decided to lay on the couch awhile. I stayed there about a half hour before I threw up the first time.

I headed to bed And I believe it was around eleven o'clock when I heard Eric asking Blake if he was going to throw up. And he did. A little later, I heard Drew screaming as he always does when he's going to be sick. Poor Eric. I wanted to help him, but I was too sick to do anything for him. This went on pretty much all night.

Sunday morning, Drew cried and cried. He doesn't handle being sick well, and it threw our schedule off. We usually go to my mom and dad's house on Sunday mornings and we go to church. But it wasn't happening. I held him for a long while and every few seconds he'd start screaming about making supper, and milk or something else from our routine. He was desperate for some normalcy and he felt terrible. Blake meanwhile was running around, happy as can be.

Around eleven o'clock, I tried getting Drew to lay down for a nap. He just cried for Mommy's bed. So I let him get in bed with me and we slept for FIVE hours. Thank God he felt better when he got up.

I am attempting to send them to school today as well as going to work myself. It's been over 24 hours since the three of us have thrown up. Eric is not feeling so well today, bless his heart. I think he's staying home.