Thursday, January 7, 2010


We are getting snowed upon today. It started around 7:30 this morning. I sent the kids off to school. Around 11:15, I left for my dentist appointment. I was able to go about 40 mph with the snow. Not too bad.

I got to the dentist, and saw on the news that there were lots of schools having early dismissals because of the weather. I grabbed my cell phone and called Blake's school to see if they had canceled. I talked to the secretary who informed me that Blake's school would be released at 1:00, and Drew would be leaving his school at 12:15. Drew's driver was picking Blake up then bringing him home. Only I was fifteen miles away at the dentist office. And I hadn't seen the dentist yet. So, I asked the secretary to have them dropped off at my dad's house. Thank goodness for my dad! He kept them for me until I got home.

I got my temporary covering on my tooth. It is not a temp crown, but I think he used filling material to cover where it was broken. And he prescribed some antibiotics since I am still having pain. He said it may be getting infected. So I have six days until my root canal, and I am actually looking forward to it. Never thought I'd say that.


1 Special Family said...

A positive attitude towards a root canal, that's got to be good! I read yesterday's post, too, this is just a hard time of year for kids at school, both special needs kids and their peers. Things will work out!