Thursday, February 4, 2010

Redskin of the Week according to his classmates

Remember how I forgot Blake was Redskin of the Week? Well, he got a little book with pages made by his classmates which say things about Blake. It is hilarious. Here are the comments made by his classmates:

Blake like green. Blake is my fan.
Blake is my mfaanm (friend) He likes red.
Blake like gym and eat.
Blake (likes) blue and hi runs.
Blake likes to pat it. (paint)
Blake is my fednd. Blake like a cat.
Blake like green. Blake is my fend. (friend)
Blake like to jump. (on trampoline)
Blake likes blue. Blake likes to run.
Blake wnts a cat. (and likes) 5 Litte Moeos (monkeys)
Blake like 5 Little Monkeys Jumding on the Bed.
Blake like a cat and a monkey.
Blake is my frad.
Blake likes me.
Blake likes to play on the sweg (swing) and Blake likes blue.
Blake likes cats. Blake likes runs.
Blake likes to run and recess.
Blake likes to plet (play) and Blake likes to klrru (color)

The things in parentheses are clarifications by the teacher. Arent't they funny? Blake likes the runs! Bwaahaaha!


fragilemom said...

Too adorable for words!

fragilemom said...
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