Thursday, May 13, 2010

That doesn't happen too often!

I woke up at 7:00 this morning. That's seven o'clock, people! And way later than normal. The boys were still sleeping, amazingly. I got up, packed lunches, got clothes, medicine and breakfasts ready and went in and got Drew up. I got him dressed while he was still groggy, so there was no fighting me. (woohoo!) I gave him his medicine and he went in the toyroom and ate his breakfast in front of the television. I got Blake up and did the same with him. By this time it was almost seven thirty. There was no fussing or refusal to go to school. No "Mommy, fix my train" or having to put forty-eleven different shows on for Drew. It worked like a well-oiled machine. Too bad every day can't go so smoothly.

I may have broken my big toe. I dropped a skillet on it on Tuesday. It probably wouldn't have hurt so much if it had landed flat. But no, it landed up and down, with the edge of the skillet landing directly on my big toe. It is all bruised and hurty. I shouldn't complain, though. My mom broke her arm on Sunday. She's getting her cast put on today. It was too swollen to do it before now. I've been helping her with flat ironing her hair under. She can't use her hand at all right now. Probably in another week she'll be able to use it with the cast on. So she's definitely got it worse than me.

13 more school days until summer break!