Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Morning Sleepiness

I went to sleep last night at midnight. During the night, Blake came in my room and asked, "I go in the toyroom?" I squinted at the clock and saw that it was 3:01 am. "Nope. Back to bed. It's still nighttime," I said. And I walked him back to his bed. Five minutes later, same thing. Over and over. About 3:45, I gave him a Melatonin in hopes he'd go back to sleep. I tucked him in bed nice and tight and crashed in my own bed. I must have fallen asleep immediately, beacause it wasn't very long when I heard, "Mommy!" I opened my eyes to find Blake's face about an inch from mine. I screamed. He said, "Sorry, Mom." My yelling didn't wake Drew or Eric, so I put Blake back to bed. He never did go back to sleep, so at 5:50 I let him get up.

Blake has been the one sleeping in and Drew getting up early. This past week, after Drew has gotten up, usually at six, I'd get him situated with breakfast and a movie and go out for a run/walk. I just tell him if he needs anything, that Daddy is in bed. You can't really do that with the Blakester. He gets into things. Anyway, I didn't really want to run today. It's raining, and the only reason I want to run in the rain is to get out of it.


Lisa said...

I hope Blake slept for you that night.