Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I had some errands to run this morning, so the boys and I took off around ten. Blake has to ride in a carseat, and lately he's had the bad habit of unbuckling the seatbelt. You may remember my post from eons ago about the Buckle Boss:

It has never been extremely successful until now. He's always used the next seatbelt over to release himself. I finally got smart and realized that when I put him in the middle row in a captain's chair, he can't reach any other seatbelt. So, I had no pulling over to buckle him back in.

First place we went was the Piqua library. I had looked a few books up I wanted to read, and called the place and asked them to pull the books for me. They have a huge staircase and their Christian fiction books are upstairs. The last time we went was a fiasco, so I wanted to make it as painless as possible. All we had to do was make it to the front desk.

Next we went to Beltone to get some hearing aid batteries for my grandma. Do you know how expensive those suckers are? Whoa. I looked online when we got home and they can be purchased way cheaper online.

Drew keeps asking to sit in the front seat. I don't let him, so you'd think he'd stop asking. Every time we'd get in and out of the car, he'd ask about it. And we had to listen to "Jesus" aka-Firm Foundation the whole time on CD. He kept demanding, "Play it again, Mommy!" I was thankful for my MP3 player and the ability to put the music in the back of the van.

We went through Burger King on the way home. I talked to them about going to camp tomorrow. Drew was very excited about it, except that he wanted the Shelby Hills bus to pick him up. Blake was grumpy and didn't want to talk about it. He kept saying, "No camp, Mommy. Stop it!" But then, he has been saying, "No (fill in the blank), Mommy!" ever since we got home, too. So I don't think it's camp he's upset about. I think he's just a bit grumpy. Might be time to sing "I'm a grumpy ol' troll" from Dora the Explorer.


the other lion said...

I hear a lot of "No, Mommy!" as well. "No therapy! No Moma's house! No burger!" even though he clearly loves all of those things. Darn grumpy pants! I do love hearing him say therapy, though. "Pearpapy."

fragilemom said...

Buckle Boss??? Do tell! We have an unbuckler too!