Monday, July 12, 2010

At least he's loyal to his brother.

We went to the meat market this afternoon. It's a small place. Drew was manning the door and Blake was wandering around. I was making a decision on what to make for supper tonight when Blake plopped to the ground and put his foot in his mouth. With his sandal still on, he started gnawing on one of his toenails. I told him that was gross and to stop it, which he thankfully did. That made me remember that Drew's toenails really needed to be cut.

When we got home, I tried to see if Blake had a hangnail or something that needed trimmed. Well, he is terrible about having his nails cut and usually takes care of it himself. By biting them off. Just not in the meat market. I know letting my kid bite his toenails off is gross, but hey! It works.

Anyway, after refusing my help, he ran off into his room and indignantly shut the door. I went after Drew to cut his toenails. He started screaming and pushing me away. I went into wrestling mode, straddling his left foot. I got the big toe done when Blake came screeching into the room, yelling, "Stop it, Mom! No toes!" Apparently he not only hates having his own toenails cut, but his brother's as well. He started hitting me and pulling my cutting hand. This of course got Drew more agitated and he was trying to free his foot.

But, I won the wrestling match and the toenails are finished.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Mom

Amy Simindinger said...

Tell Drew I'll come visit him with my clippers! I cut his fingernails and toenails many times at school! :) Hope you guys are having a good summer!