Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bites, paint and other stuff

1. Drew got bit by a spider at my sister's house the other day. We were about to leave when he asked me to kiss his owie. I about died when I saw his right forearm all blown up like a balloon! It was hugely swollen. I stopped by my dad's house to see if he could look at it. Not that he has any special medical training. I just wanted another set of adult eyes looking at it. He wasn't home so we went home. I gave him some Benadryl. My dad stopped by shortly after that on his way home from work. He was concererned, too. I called the Ask a Nurse number in our area, and she helped me determine that he probably was not bit by a poisonous spider. She said that if that were the case, the site of the bite would look like a pimple and get gross looking. Also she said that Drew would be having stomach cramps, muscle aches, fever, etc. He was acting normal and eating a snack, so that put my mind at ease some. She did suggest mixing meat tenderizer and water and applying it to the bite for twenty minutes. She said that draws the venom out. I had to run to the store to get meat tenderizer, so my dad stayed with the kids. I knew Drew wasn't going to sit there while I held meat tenderizer on his arm, so I soaked two cotton balls with the mixture, put it on his arm and held it in place with an Ace bandage. He tried to take it off, so I taped it up with fabric tape. It still looked bad the rest of the day, but by the next morning it looked much better. There is still redness but the swelling is almost gone.

2. Eric painted Drew's room. It looks really nice. He's in the process of painting all of our woodwork white. It's made a huge change in Drew's room and I am excited to see it all once it is finished.


Bonnie said...

I saw the title of your post and assumed your kids bite each mine do....I guess I shouldn't asssume! Mine both get huge welts from mosquito bites, round red swellings as big as their entire hand, but I don't think either has been bit by a spider. Yet. ;-)
Loved the story about Blake being happy about having one blue square on his wall. So cute!

Lisa said...

His room looks like a magazine spread! Good job. Do you loan Eric out to paint at other people houses?
I hope the spider bite is doing okay too.