Friday, July 30, 2010

Stairs Progress

So we went back to school today to try the stairs. Blake came with us. He brought Woody and Buzz with him. That kept his hands from hitting his brother or his mama. Well, he actually did get one hit of Drew in, but that wasn't too bad considering his last school visit. Look! He went up the stairs using the handrail today! He was more nervous today because Blake was there buzzing all around him, zooming up and down the stairs. We walked around upstairs again and he wanted to go down on the elevator. I told him he needed to walk down the stairs first, and THEN he could go on the elevator up and down. He argued about it for a minute, but then decided to get it over with.

He started out by sitting, but stood up and used the handrail the rest of the way. When we got to the bottom, I offered the elevator ride. He debated about it and told me "No elevator" a few times. I gave him two choices: either the elevator or the van. He chose the van. So, I told them both what a great job they did, and we left. When we got in the van, Drew regretted his choice and wanted to go in the elevator. I told him sorry, but he'll have to wait until next time. He seemed okay with that. Blake did great except when I tried to show him where his new classroom will be. He was not excited about that.


Lisa said...

Way to go Drew! I like how his "reward" is to ride in the elevator. Sometimes the simplest things are the most rewarding.

Anonymous said...