Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Saturday Nights

Is this what my Saturday nights have come to?  Hanging out in my sweatpants, surfing the web?!  Oh my. 

Yesterday Kelly and I went Black Friday shopping.  We didn't get started until almost seven thirty.  That was ok, most of the early bird specials went on until like 1pm, and the lady working at Target whispered to us that the early bird specials went on all day!

We got quite a lot of shopping done and didn't get home until midnight.  Eric went out  shopping this afternoon by himself and is still not home. 

My niece and nephew, Danielle and Kyle are making their first communions tomorrow afternoon.  The boys are staying with Eric's mom and dad's house while we go to the service. 

We will be going to our church in the morning before that, so the boys will get to go to Grandma and Grandpa V's house while we're at church.  My parents were on vacation we missed two Sundays with them, and last Sunday we went to Sensitive Santa.  So, it's been awhile, and the kids are looking forward to going over there.

Well, I am off to look at more recipes on the internet.  lol.  Next Saturday night is Parents Night Out, so we won't be staying home next Saturday! 


Lisa said...

Been there! It isn't always a bad thing to sit around and relax though...