Monday, December 20, 2010

Tangential thinking and dramatic play

If you know much about Fragile X, you are familiar with tangential thinking.  I admit that as a carrier, I definitely exhibit this Fragile X characteristic.  For those of you who are not familiar with this, it usually shows up when one talks with a person with Fragile X and their conversation goes off on a tangent.  One thought leads to another which leads to another. 

So, Blake got the big idea to put a ripped up poster around his arms and legs.  I have no idea where he got the idea, but apparently it made him think of a superhero because he started yelling, "Superhero, save day!" The line is from Oobi, who is a bare-hand puppet.

 Drew wanted in on the fun, so Blake helped him get rigged up with the ripped up poster.  I know, it's all too bizarre.  Anyway, after a couple minutes of playing with the poster-cuffs they made, they pretended that the cuffs were puppets (like Oobi) . Which made Drew ask me if I'd put strings on the Woody (like a  Pinocchio marionette)  I turned him down, but offered to make brown paper bag puppets.

I made one for Drew first, and he wanted me to attach his drumstick to the puppet's face to make a long nose (like Pinocchio).  He settled for a toothpick nose.  Then I made one for Blake.  He played with his a minute before wanting it to have feet.  I drew feet on the bottom, which of course, led him to want arms.  No prob.  Next he wanted it to have "undawear" (like him!) 

A typical display of tangential thinking coming from my kids.


the other lion said...

I want one!!! I am so guilty of this, except I tend to do half the thinking in my head and then blurt out a thought that appears random to the listener. :)

Kristiem10 said...

Exactly, Erika. I do that, too. Eric used to say, "Oh, we had a subject change?" Now he just goes with it. lol.

1 Special Family said...

What a good mom! Very creative too! It looks like everyone had a great time! Enjoy your holiday time together!

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

It looks a little like Spongebob..... ;-)