Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Morning Randomness

The snow is back.  It started out as freezing rain yesterday afternoon and changed over to snow.  It is still snowing right now.  The boys are on a two-hour delay today. 

Drew went to the optometrist about a month ago and they said he doesn't really need to wear glasses.  Eric thought this eye doctor got a more thorough exam than when Drew got his glasses in the first place.  The dr. wanted to see Drew again in a month to make sure.  So, today is the day.  Eric is taking him.  Drew is happy that he is leaving school early.  Late start and leaving early, that makes about four hours he will be there today.

Speaking of Eric, he scheduled an appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed March 4.  Probably should have been done ten years ago.  I had mine out when I was 20.  Eric said he was the oldest patient in the waiting room for his consult yesterday. lol. 

Blake has been obsessed with watching Youtube videos.  I made a couple links in my favorites bar for him to click right to.  Barney and Fangface.  Well, he goes from one video to the next to the next until he gets to Courage the Cowardly Dog show, which I do not want him watching.  It was driving me insane.  Every time the computer was free he'd be on there, finding Courage.  The reason I hate that show is that the farmer is always saying, "Stupid dog!" which I really don't want Blake repeating. 

So, I removed the Youtube links and replaced them with Starfall, Nick Jr., Jelly Telly, and PBS Kids.   He was mad at first, but he has quickly adjusted.  Now he actually plays games online instead of only watching videos.  He still does watch videos, only they are just shows I am ok with him watching.  And he seems to be a little less obsessed with it, which is also good. 

Have a great day, and if you are in my area, stay warm!


Lisa said...

I also think that the Cowardly Dog cartoon is not very appropriate for kids. Glad I am not the only one that thinks that way...

fragilemom said...

I just learned about Starfall. I really like what I've seen of it. My Benjamin is OBSESSED with pbskids. I'm trying to figure out how to start using it as a reward and getting him to understand. It worked once when I told him it was time to go potty, and AFTER that he could get on pbskids. No crying. Just an, "ok". Never heard of Cowardly Dog. Guess I don't want to.

Logans momma said...

Hi! Great blog, I love the randomness :)
I also have a Fragile X son. We are newly diagnosed, but I love finding other blogs about life with FSX. I will definitely be back to yours!

I have a blog also:

Take care!