Friday, April 22, 2011


I find that I talk about Drew a lot on my blog and Blake doesn't get blogged about as much. 

When he was younger, he was mentioned more often for all the crazy things he got into or did.  Drew has some more challenging issues than Blake for the most part, so I guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil, as they say.
Anyway, I want to talk about Blake today.  He is such a sweetheart.  Every morning, he says, "Good morning, Mommy!  I love you."  And of course, he also says, "Look at my shoes!" and points to his bare feet.  Funny boy.

He loves trains.  Thomas the Tank Engine and Chuggington are his favorites. 

He is very self sufficient.  If he wants a snack, he always attempts to get it himself first, and ask for help second, if he is having trouble.  He microwaves his own Pop-Tarts, and baked potatoes in the microwave, if he takes the notion.  He doesn't always put in the right amount of time, but he knows what to do.

He still crams himself into his Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and scoots around the back porch with it. 

He loves his brother but hates to share the computer with him.  He loves to watch Youtube videos.

He might yell, "You stop it!" in one breath and "I love you" in the next. 

He's a packrat.  We joke that he's a hoarder.  When we go places, he brings his backpack and his two purses jam-packed with stuff.

He still likes to be snuggled at night.  I rock him often, though he's all arms and legs. 

He's a bright ray of sunshine in our lives and we are so blessed to have him.


Lisa said...

Even though they get so big, isn't it nice that they still want to sit on your lap? Bruce is always telling Nathan that he is too big, and he about breaks my lap, but I love that he still wants to sit on my lap. I hardly get any snuggle time with him anymore....

Anonymous said...

Blake looks so excited. It's always nice to see the kids so happy. Mom