Monday, May 2, 2011

I can't think of a title for this.

So, a friend stopped by my house today.  I was sitting on the floor by the front door with my e-reader waiting for the boys to be dropped off.  I let her in and we started talking. 

She noticed that I already had their snack ready and the television was on to Pinocchio.  I told her it just makes things easier. I  didn't see the boys' car pull in the driveway.  Carol, Drew's aide started opening the door to let Drew out.  I ran out to help her, but already Drew was upset.  He was locking the door and wouldn't get out.  Blake was yelling, "You stop it, Mommy!"  and ran into the house.  Finally, I got Drew out and he ran to the house and slammed the door in my face.  She asked, "Is he going to lock the door?"  I said, "Maybe.  He does sometimes."  This time he did not. 

We went in and Blake ran to his room and took off his clothes.  Also, he kept yelling at me to stop it.  Drew said, "No snacks, no cookie, no milk!"  and moved the snacks into the kitchen. 

I think my friend was bewildered by it all, because she said, "God love you," several times.  :)  I told her it was not uncommon, but today was a little worse than normal because she was here.  She apologized for disrupting their routine.  I assured her that she was fine, that the boys have to get used to having things change sometimes.

After a few more minutes and a few more displays of maladaptive behavior, shall we say, she left. 

Honestly, the kids are like that a lot of days.  And I can't always predict what they'll be like when they get home.  It makes me feel like a bad mother to have other people witness them when they act like that. 

It's good and it's bad, I guess.  I suppose it is good for others to get a real glimpse at how our lives are, but it's bad when I am thinking more of myself and how I look to others when they are seeing how our lives are. 


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

It is good to let people see it. We can talk our friends' ears off but if they don't see it, they don't know.

the other lion said...

You are a good mama -- don't ever forget that.

Mark said...

Suggented title:
"The things we do for Love"

Kim C said...

Unfortunately, all mom's have "bad mom" moments!! My 3 year old is a perfect example! But, I agree with your friend..God love you! And those 2 boys! :)

Lisa said...

As Kim C said, every Mom has those thoughts when around friends or out in public. Don't ever doubt that you are a Great Mom!

Anonymous said...

I've had all those same thoughts/feelings - guilt that I don't want us seen like that, happy that someone else can get a real glimpse, sorry that Andrew is having such a meltdown in front of others... this really hit home for me. Thanks for writing this!
Mary Beth